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A Leading Program Examining Human Behavior and the Criminal Justice System.

Forensic psychology is the study of human behavior with a focus on the law. In Tiffin University’s 法医心理学 program, 你将通过心理学和刑事司法课程来探索这种关系. 作为这个项目的毕业生, you’ll be prepared to work in a variety of major-related fields, 包括犯罪行为, 修正, 法院, 诊断, 治疗和更多.  

Discover academics with Grace and learn about TU professors, 谁在他们的领域工作过, 因此,他们可以分享自己的第一手经验,并为学生未来的职业生涯提供全力支持.

The field of 法医心理学 is both dynamic and growing. Only about 20 schools offer a bachelor’s degree in 法医心理学, and Tiffin University has become a leader in the field with our top-level, American Psychological Association-recognized program.

我们的法医心理学专业是为有兴趣研究心理学与刑事司法系统之间关系的学生设计的. 在这个节目中, you will develop knowledge in the treatment of offenders, 受害者研究, 危机干预, 咨询, 精神病理学, personality assessment and research methods.

你还将学习心理学原理在刑事司法管理中解决问题的应用, 比如选择陪审团, police stress and rehabilitation program design.

法医心理学毕业生可以在临床环境中开始他们的职业生涯,直接与罪犯和受害者一起工作, 或者在一个研究环境中,寻求影响刑事司法行政的关键问题的实证答案.

Professional 法医心理学 Training
  • 小班授课使学生的注意力和个性化关注成为可能.
  • You’ll engage in a wide range of out-of-class experiences, 包括实习, 实地考察旅行, 会议和更多.
  • A professional internship – whether at the federal, 状态 or local level – will equip you with valuable experience, 技能和人脉.
  • The program provides access to a diverse and expansive alumni network.

注:作为专业心理学家或专业心理健康咨询师的执业能力在所有州都是高度规范的. 研究生 study and licensure is required for practice as a forensic psychologist. TU的课程将为您准备各种入门级职业或研究生学习.

在我们的节目中, you’ll learn about real-world 法医心理学 from real-world practitioners – via faculty who are forensic psychologists; 实地考察旅行 to various agencies; guest speakers who are working professionals; hands-on internships, both domestic and abroad; and more.

作为以从业者为中心的课程的一部分,您将获得最新的相关领域知识. 和, 你会发展出专业的, 事业预备技能, 包括临床技能, 研究技能, 沟通技巧, 法律和代理管理技能等等——所有这些都将在毕业后的就业中立即使用.

Ohio Police Officer Training Academy (OPOTA)

在俄亥俄州宣誓成为一名警察, you must successfully complete the Ohio Police Officer Training Academy (OPOTA). 博彩平台推荐与泰拉州立社区学院合作,将学院的费用包括在学费中,只需一个学期就可以获得.

这所独特的培训学院是国家对所有警察的强制性培训,涵盖枪支, 依法行政, 人际关系, 交通, 巡逻, 开车, 主题控制, 调查, 内乱, physical conditioning and other aspects of law enforcement. 学生可以直接在犯罪实验室、射击场和警车上进行实践. 有经验的, certified instructors and hands-on application, our students consistently achieve passing rates on the 状态-certified exam. Once graduates of the program earn the certification, they are immediately eligible for full-time employment.

Experiential learning lies at the foundation of our program, as all 法医心理学 students benefit from a learn-by-doing education. 法医心理学领域的时事问题是我们课堂的前沿和中心. You’ll address these issues through application and problem-solving projects, 集团项目, 研究项目, 政策发展项目, 实地参观及更多.

实习要求将为你提供该领域宝贵的实践经验. 你将有机会通过华盛顿中心参与联邦实习. 你也可以选择在州或地方机构实习,甚至在国际机构实习.

  • 创建, 展示并发表您自己的原始实证研究-在TU的研究会议以及当地, 状态, 国内和国际会议.
  • Collaborate on projects that can immediately be applied to problems in the field.
  • Travel to visit federal and 状态 agencies.
  • 参加实地考察,观察法医心理学家和他们的工作环境.
  • 参加专业会议,从该领域的思想领袖那里获得见解.
  • Interact with guest speakers, who are current working professionals.
  • 参与服务学习和以社区为基础的学习,这始终嵌入在我们的课程中.

Core Curriculum of the 刑事司法学院 = 18 hours

法医心理学专业= 45小时

午餐校园和在线 & 扩展学习专业课程,每门3小时(除刑事司法核心课程外):

  • FOR105受害者研究
  • FOR310威胁评估
  • FOR344 Psychology of Violence and Aggression (w)
  • FOR430危机干预策略
  • FOR460心理学与法律(w)
  • JUS461 Capstone Senior Seminar in Criminal Justice (w)
  • 心理学入门
  • 社会心理学
  • PSY360心理咨询入门
  • PSY362异常行为
  • 社会学概论
  • SOC360 Multicultural Issues in Society (w)
  • 实习二
  • 下列之一:
    • COR420机构管理
    • FOR347性犯罪心理学
    • 《毒品与社会
    • 死亡与临终
    • 心理269人类的性欲
  • 一门公开选修课

总计 = 45小时

总计 刑事司法学士 hours = 121

This is a sample course sequence to illustrate course offerings for this major. 有关详细的注册和咨询信息,请咨询官方学术公报.


受害者研究(FOR105) – This course focuses on the victims rather than the offenders; why they have been recently rediscovered, why they often do not report crimes to police; how some victims might share responsibility for the crimes with the offenders; how they can be repaid for their losses through offender restitution and 政府ernment compensation; and what new services are available to help victims prevent crimes and resist attacks. The social and emotional responses of victims to crime are examined.

Psychology of Violence and Aggression (FOR344) – Course examines the changes in the methods, patterns and meanings of violence. Special attention is paid to individual and collective violence in the streets, 在学校, 在家里, 媒体内部, 警察, 恐怖分子和军队. The major theories explaining the causes of violence, 并回顾了对暴力的态度和展示力量带来改变的重要研究. 这是一门写作强化课程.

危机干预策略(FOR430) -侧重于在刑事司法客户工作中常见的各种紧急情况下进行干预的理论和实践, e.g., 家庭暴力, 自杀威胁/尝试, physical or sexual abuse and acute chemical dependency episodes.

心理学与法律(FOR460) -本课程研究法律做出的心理学假设,以及法律和心理学在行为模式方面的差异, 变化理论, 道德与价值观. 心理在法律程序中的作用, 议事规则, the jury system and the psychologist in the courtroom are examined in depth. 这是一门写作强化课程.

社会心理学(SOC250) – Study of the influences that people have on the beliefs and behaviors of others. Topics will include social perception and attribution, 自我表现, 态度和态度的改变, 侵略和暴力, group dynamics and their relationship to selected fields.


在校园 – Offered in a 15-week semester format with start dates of January and August

获得法医心理学学位的学生有广泛的机会. Previous 法医心理学 graduates have pursued advanced degrees and have gone on to be accepted to law school; master’s programs in criminal justice, 法医心理学, mental health 咨询 and school 咨询; and doctoral programs in 法医心理学 and clinical psychology.

  • 律师
  • 行为障碍咨询师
  • 案例管理器
  • 惩教专员
  • 法庭转职计划工作人员
  • 刑事调查员
  • 侦探
  • 研究生或法学院
  • 情报分析师
  • 调查员
  • 地方,州或联邦执法
  • 心理健康顾问
  • 假释或缓刑监督官
  • 研究员
  • 住院治疗专家
  • 药物滥用顾问
  • 受害者主张

While it is extremely competitive to obtain such appointments, TU alumni have gone on to careers in these agencies:

  • 收养联系,PA
  • 首都警察
  • 人行横道,有限责任公司
  • 公共防卫部
  • 缉毒局
  • 联邦调查局
  • 联邦监狱局
  • 生活的基础
  • Local, State and Federal Police Agencies
  • Local, State and Federal Prisons Systems
  • 市法院
  • 国家药物管制政策办公室
  • 俄亥俄州总检察长办公室
  • 俄亥俄州治安官办公室
  • Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and 修正
  • 奥莉安娜大厦有限公司.
  • S. 警察
  • 受害者辩护律师职位





“This has been the best 4 years of my life. 这是一所很小的学校,但它可以让你认识很多新朋友,并建立将持续一生的友谊. The faculty and staff here at Tiffin are truly amazing.”

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