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你渴望一份能帮助他人过上更健康生活的职业吗? 在博彩平台推荐的运动科学项目中, you’ll dig deep into health and wellness as you explore the scientific foundations and core elements of exercise. Our comprehensive principles of modern exercise physiology will prepare you well for professional opportunities in the fascinating and fulfilling field of exercise science.

The exercise science program is structured to provide you with a solid foundation for understanding how and why humans move. 这个跨学科的项目包括生物学领域的课程, 化学与运动生理学. 通过这个项目, you’ll understand the essential role of physical activity and exercise in the prevention, 各种疾病的治疗和恢复. 你也会学到这个, 作为这个领域的专业人士, it becomes your responsibility to educate other people about the benefits of being physically active and the negative side effects of living a sedentary lifestyle. 成功完成必修课程后, you can either seek employment in various areas of allied health or apply to graduate school in the sciences and health professions.

The Tiffin University 运动科学 Lab allows you to experience and practice the new knowledge you’ll acquire in the classroom. 这个实验室配备了秒表之类的仪器, 测角仪, 电力系统70200弹性测试仪, MyoTape, 平衡木秤, BioScan 916 BIA, 液压手评估, 紧凑的节拍器, 心率监测表, 激励深呼吸运动肺活量计, 卡尺, 肌电系统(EMG), Monark人体工程学884E冲刺自行车, 达特菲什软件和更多.

在运动科学实验室, 你将对身体成分进行研究, 灵活性, 最大摄氧量(VO2max), 肌肉骨骼健康和生理, 运动的生物力学, 热力学和更多.

TU的课程为您提供了获得急救/心肺复苏术/AED认证的机会, 并被美国运动医学学院认证为运动生理学家.

  • Our professional program stays up to date with innovations and technological developments related to the latest scientific advances.
  • 互动式课程使你能够应用你的知识, 为你的学术和专业发展做好准备.
  • 您将与经验丰富的教师导师进行一对一的工作.
  • You’ll apply lessons from the classroom in our brand new, fully equipped 运动科学 Lab.
  • 行业认证嵌入到课程中.
  • 我们的学生经常去读研, 在物理治疗方面继续深造, 职业治疗, 医师助理, 医学院, 运动训练及其他.

作为专业课程的一部分, you’ll benefit from the experience of faculty members as you learn from their firsthand experiences and acquired knowledge. Our program’s instructors bring years of real-world work experience – in clinical exercise physiology; cardiovascular, 肺, and metabolic rehabilitation; strength and conditioning; and occupational/corporate health.

And while programs at most institutions emphasize “prep” for professional certifications, 我们的课程要求认证考试作为课程的一部分. 课程中包含三项认证——急救/心肺复苏术, AED, Certified 运动生理学家 and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist – and our faculty will work to provide you with the very best chance in pursuit of these important certifications.


作为运动科学专业的毕业生, 你将配备电流, 相关领域知识和职业技能, 包括:

  • 生物力学
  • 运动生理学
  • 基本的健康检查/解释
  • 力量和调节
  • 运动测试和处方
  • 针对健康、运动和特殊/临床人群的锻炼计划
  • 压力测试/心电图解释
  • 姿势分析
  • 减少肌肉和骨骼疼痛的纠正性运动训练
  • 慢性疾病发展
  • 改变生活方式的技巧

体验式学习在运动科学研究中有两个重要的方面. 首先是能力. 适用于该领域的从业者, 能力是他们面试求职者时首先看重的东西. Exercise science can be thought of as a healthcare discipline and incompetence can lead to ineffective or harmful programming. There simply is no substitute for competence and experiential learning is a safe and effective way to gain competence in the field.

其次, 非常重要的一点是, 体验式学习可以让你建立一个专业网络, 哪些可以帮助你获得未来的工作.

  • You’ll actively serve as a participant and tester/professional in application-based learning activities, 包括实际评估和/或模拟专业实验室作业.
  • 你将参加一个专业实习. 最近, 我们运动科学专业的学生在物理治疗诊所实习, 心血管康复设施和运动科学项目.
  • 我们的项目强调循证实践. 这将需要你在小组中工作, 学习作为团队的一员工作, 雇主看重的技能是什么.
  • Collaborating with students from TU’s diverse population provides valuable experience in working with students of diverse backgrounds.

艺术学院核心课程 & 科学- 37小时

运动科学专业- 67学时

  • BIO210普通生物学I - 3小时
  • BIO210L普通生物学I实验室- 1小时
  • BIO211普通生物学II - 3学时
  • BIO211L普通生物学II实验室- 1小时
  • 通用化学I - 3小时
  • CHM131L普通化学I实验室- 1小时
  • 通用化学II - 3小时
  • CHM132L普通化学II实验室- 1小时

运动科学专业的学生必须至少获得2分.5 GPA at the completion of either the BIO course sequence or the CHM course sequence above, 为了继续主修.

  • BIO311和BIO311L人体解剖学和生理学I +实验室- 4小时
  • BIO312和BIO312L人体解剖学和生理学II +实验室- 4小时
  • EXS146运动科学入门(w) - 3小时
  • EXS225运动发展- 3小时
  • EXS315和EXS315L运动和运动生物力学+实验室- 4小时
  • EXS316营养运动和锻炼- 3小时
  • EXS322运动学- 3小时
  • EXS422和EXS422L运动生理学+实验室- 4小时
  • EXS442和EXS442L运动测试和处方+实验室- 4小时
  • EXS475运动科学研究方法- 3小时
  • 急救/心肺复苏术/AED - 1小时
  • NAT124运动训练入门- 3小时
  • NAT260终身健身和健康- 3小时
  • 心理学入门- 3小时
  • 社会学入门- 3小时
  • SAS470实习- 3小时

总计 = 67小时

专业合计 = 122小时

这是一个示例课程序列来说明本专业的课程设置. Consult the official Academic 公告 for detailed registration and advising information.


人体解剖学 & 生理学II (BIO312) – This course is a continuation of BIO311 人体解剖学 and Physiology I and BIO311L 人体解剖学 and Physiology Lab. This course will cover the endocrine system; the blood; the cardiovascular and respiratory systems; the lymphatic system and lymphoid organs and tissues; the immune system; the digestive system and the urinary system; the reproductive and developmental processes. 本课程将回顾这些概念在识别中的应用, diagnosis and treatment of diseased condition and will cover selected topics on clinical case studies. 本课程还包括一小时的实验.

运动与运动生物力学实验室(EXS315L) – This course is designed to introduce students to the tools and techniques for motion analysis, 机械的概念, forces and performance analysis related to the anatomical and mechanical bases of human movement. The course will provide students with practical laboratory experiences related to the field of biomechanics.

运动与运动营养(EXS316) – The course will examine the effects of many of the macronutrients and micronutrients and the specific contexts in which exercise and nutrition interact to cause predictable outcomes in health and performance.

运动机能学(EXS322) 人体运动的科学研究被定义为运动机能学, 也被称为人体动力学. 本课程将探讨解剖学的关系, 生理, 以及人体运动的机械原理.


在校园 -提供15周的学期形式,开始日期为1月和8月

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently updated epidemiological data suggesting obesity rates continue to rise, 部分原因是缺乏体育锻炼. 这只会增加心脏代谢疾病的发病率, thus increasing the need for exercise and healthcare professionals in preventive/rehabilitation programs.

So, 前进, 运动科学专业的学生将有充足的机会在一个不断发展的领域就业. 此外, our curriculum positions students well who are interested in pursuing professional graduate studies in healthcare, 比如医药, 物理治疗, 职业治疗等等.

  • 体育教练
  • 心血管/肺康复
  • 企业健康
  • 运动生理学家
  • 营养学家
  • Perfusionist
  • 私人教练
  • 物理治疗师
  • 公共卫生教育工作者
  • 力量与体能教练
  • 压力测试技术


  • 企业健康
  • 运动生理学家
  • 营养学家
  • 私人教练
  • 力量与体能教练





“There is always going to be a little doubt in any person’s mind when it comes to new things. But for me, I think proving people, who said I couldn’t do it, wrong is my biggest motivation. 对我来说再也没有什么是不可能的了. The world is constantly changing and I feel like 我是 much more capable of adapting to those changes now compared to when I was walking on to TU’s campus for the first time.”